Concordia Lutheran Church- Louisville, KY

June 9, 2023

Last summer I had a booth at the LCMS Indiana District's convention. I had framed photos of some of the churches I photographed and a couple photo albums for folks to page through. My hopes were that I could show some of the pastors there why I should be invited to visit and photograph their church. I got to visit lots of people and handed out lots of my business cards but the number one question I was asked was, "do you do picture directories?". Not going to lie. That stung. Here I was with my best architectural photos of stunning places and I was being asked to do what Lifetouch has been supplying for years.

Until I met the pastor of Concordia in Louisville, KY (parts of Kentucky are in the Indiana district). Pastor Estes was fairly new there. Maybe less than a year. He took a genuine interest in what I did and promised he would reach out and a few months ago, he did just that. He wanted new photos for the church website and I was thrilled. I agreed to come visit and my husband and I used it as a great reason to go on a little vacation since neither of us had really seen Louisville. We had a fantastic time overall but it was a really special thing to be able to actually attend church and Bible study together (my husband, Paul, is a Lutheran pastor).

Concordia has something I've never seen in an LCMS church- a choir (or quire). It's an old architectural feature that provided seating for the choir and clergy between the nave and the sanctuary. You just don't see it often anymore. The entire church is beautiful but my favorite part was the reredos which features carved likenesses of Jesus, Peter, Paul, and four angels.

Concordia is very beautiful but this visit was unique because I and Paul got to participate in their congregational life. We were very thankful our time there and are happy to have made some new friends. Thank you, Concordia, for welcoming us and shoring your lovely space with us.