2023's Calendar

December 22, 2022

Uh.... oops

In my pure, wild, unbridled, ecstatic excitement to create next year's calendar, I failed to include a list of the churches that are featured. To right that wrong, I'm writing this post. Here's a little bit about each church.

The photos in this year's calendar showcase light. You will see stunning stained glass, of course, but you'll also see the way sunlight comes through and rests in the space; on floors, on pews, on walls. As I photograph churches, light is always on my mind. As a photographer, a Christian, and as a lover of architecture, I cannot help but notice light in these beautiful places. As a photographer, light dictates the photos I make. As a Christian, I am called to be the light in the world. As a lover of beautiful churches, I love the light from outside that streams into a place dedicated to the Light of the World, Jesus.

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Peace Lutheran- Fort Wayne, IN

I love photographing modern churches. Light is used in such an intentional way. Peace has some of the most beautiful light I've seen, thanks to the large stained glass behind the chancel. I chose it for my cover because when I think of the them of light and Christ's light leading out lives, I think of Peace.

Our Savior Lutheran- Grand Rapids, MI

I recently photographed Our Savior. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while. It's such a neat space for many reasons but I'll list two. First, it is architecturally unique. There’s a low ceiling with small windows but a generous skylight lets in beautiful natural light over the altar. Second, Our Saviors congregation loves art and thanks to Ed Riojas, they have plenty of it. Wrapping around the sanctuary is his rendition of the Te Deum. What a gift to have such a talented artist in their congregation!

Woodruff Place Baptist- Indianapolis, IN

This church was one of the best surprises I've had while photographing churches. I really knew nothing about when I went to photograph it but I was greeted with a church whose congregation loves their rich history and their building. The balcony, where this photo was made, had the best light in the place. The rich wood soaked up the soft light that came in through these art deco windows. My favorite detail (not pictured) was the paint cans and drop cloths that were laid out behind the chairs in preparation for a little restoration. It told me that this church is well-loved and well taken care of and will be around for many to enjoy.

Indiana Landmarks Center (Formerly Central Avenue Methodist)- Indianapolis, IN

I've been in this space a few times and I've never grown weary of seeing it. The place is massive and has been lovingly restored by Indiana Landmarks. The windows are deep oranges and soft blues. A combination that sounds odd in description but stunning in practice. Now it is home to Indiana Landmarks and hosts concerts, tours, weddings, and other events. Indiana Landmarks is a great organization that works to save significant buildings in our states. 10% of my sales goes back to them.

Grace Lutheran- Columbus, IN

Columbus is known for its modern architecture. Grace is a beautiful modern church. Upon entering, worshipers pass through a beautiful stained glass hallway before arriving in the sanctuary. The colors are vibrant and when the light is just right, everything is bathed in them.

St. Thomas Episcopal- Franklin, IN

St. Thomas is a cute little country church on a cute little country road in rural Franklin. I photographed it on a bright, sunny day and was gifted with a glorious display of light and color from its stained glass window. I loved all the photos of the window that I took but this might be my favorite.

Reformation Lutheran- St. Louis, MO

This church is so special to me. This was my very first church. My dad was a pastor here and I was baptized here. It's a beautiful little modern church with a wall full of huge clear windows and a clerestory of color block stained glass windows. The congregation was recently able to add some images into the main windows and it's just breathtaking. Go look at the rest of the photos. Go on. Do it.

Downey Avenue Christian- Indianapolis, IN

Downey Ave is a hodgepodge. The exterior is a beautiful stone gothic edifice. The interior was updated to a more modern style and somewhere along the line these beautiful windows were installed. There's a few of them and they are all full of bold, beautiful colors that kiss the spaces around them.

St. John Lutheran- Indianapolis, IN

St. John had a problem. They outgrew their beautiful, old, gothic revival sanctuary. Did they tear it down and build a gross auditorium? No! They didn't! It's still standing and being used! To cope with their growth, they simply built a second sanctuary. Spacious, bright, and modern. The room looks like un upside-down hull of a ship, as many churches do. The windows in the chancel area let in light to remind worshipers where they meet Christ; here at his altar.

St. Paul's Lutheran- Ft. Wayne, IN

I almost didn't want to give this one away. I'm guessing that even a few life-long members of St. Paul's wouldn't be able to place this window. Had I not photographed this church in detail, I wouldn't have been able to and I've been attending and visiting here for 25+ years. This window is located in St. Paul's beautiful little side chapel. I chose to photograph the room with the lights off and rely on just the natural light and I'm so glad I did. The deep black and the vivid colors of the stained glass make a stunning image.

Trinity Church, Garfield Campus- Indianapolis, IN

Trinity Garfield is a smaller satellite location of a larger church in Indy. I simply adore this space. The pastor showed me around and talked about all the projects she completed herself around the sanctuary. The simple ombre windows give a feel of being in a heavenly, holy space. The light is a soft golden that rests on the dark wood and red pew cushions perfectly.

Former All Souls Unitarian- Indianapolis, IN

All Souls is now closed and, last I heard, waiting a new purpose. It's been vacant for a while but luckily hasn't fallen into a state of disrepair. It was recently purchased but I'm not sure what it's being used for. Most likely a private residence as it does have several living spaces. Check out the Zillow listing!

Tabernacle Presbyterian

This grand, cavernous gothic revival church was one of the first churches in Indy I visited. It's dark, as any church of its style is, but that just means that the light that gets in through its massive, intricate stained glass has a dramatic effect. Vivid light rests on the stone floor and wood pews. One of my favorite images is actually one of the first photos you see if you page through Circle City Steeples. It shows the church's shiny stone floor on the main level with light reflecting off it from a beautiful window.