May 11, 2022

Faith Lutheran Church- Roanoke, IN

Architecture, LCMS Churches, Gothic Revival, Indiana Churches

Faith Lutheran Church in Roanoke, Indiana's first congregation was formed in 1996. This building was built in 2013 and it's a treat to see something so new built in a way that harkens back to older, traditional style. Most (if not all) the wood work was made by a church member and the stained glass was designed and created by William L. Lupkin Designs in Fort Wayne and show scenes from the Bible.

When I visited, the church's exterior was in the process of being clad in brick. It was previously white and the evidence of that can be seen in the later photos- the old spire was lain in their lawn. They had plans to pass in onto another church that could use it. The current steeple was not in place during my visit, making for some images rarely seen of a short, stumpy church tower. The interior, although traditional, is roomier than typical gothic revival spaces. It's a beautiful church maintained by folks who truly value their worship space.