May 15, 2022

Chapel of the Holy Trinity at Concordia University Ann Arbor

Architecture, LCMS Churches, Midcentury Modern

Re-living the glory days

College was some of the best days of my life and lucky for me, the people I made those memories with are still in my life. I met up with some of them to explore the campus where we met and to photograph the chapel we attended together weekly.

Concordia University's Chapel of the Holy Trinity was the first building constructed when the campus began to take shape in 1962. It's constructed in the shape of a triangle, fittingly. There are three main stained glass installments at each of the points (one at the chancel and one at each entrance). They depict Christ in various roles. The clerestory stained glass depicts liberal arts in service (or vocation!) to the church (and yes, even modern churches can have clerestories and maybe I'm the only one who loves that fact but you know what? That's ok).

I love this chapel and it has been on my mind ever since I started photographing churches. I rarely attended a service alone; I always had a girlfriend with me. It was so fitting that I was able to return here after so long with two of the my best college friends.