December 24, 2020

My Church

Greenwood Churches, Midcentury Modern, LCMS Churches

Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church- Greenwood, IN

It's Christmas Eve and we have family in the house so this may be brief but I'm taking this time to write a little bit about my church.

I grew up in the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod. My dad was a pastor and, to make a long story bloggable, I also ended up marrying a pastor (something 22-year-old me told herself she would never, ever do). My hobby of church photography and my role as a pastor's wife pairs really nicely. I get to serve my church by taking photos of it!

My husband was Called to be the pastor at Concordia in Greenwood, IN. The church was built in the 60s in the midcentury modern style, like so many others built during that same time. I often hear things like "well, our church isn't quite as beautiful as those old ones downtown" and although it may not be ornate with large stained glass windows or stone tracery, I believe it's very beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a church stay true to its architectural design and ours does that. The free-standing and movable features such as the chairs, altar ornament, paraments, banners, etc. all fit into the style of the sanctuary.

My favorite feature is the pair of skylights that cross directly over the altar. A big design feature of midcentury modern architecture is its use of natural light. In Concordia, the skylight produces light that is unlike any seen in other parts of the sanctuary. The light settles directly onto the altar which is so fitting; as we approach the altar to receive the body and blood of Christ who is the light of the world, we step into beautiful, pure, natural light. It serves as a physical, noticeable reminder that we are in the presence of Christ.