December 4, 2020

Greenwood United Methodist Church- Greenwood, IN

Greenwood Churches, Methodist, Midcentury Modern

I want to highlight one of the churches that I've recently started a great working relationship with. My husband is a pastor in Greenwood so I started contacting the churches there. Greenwood United Methodist was very welcoming and excited to see how we could be mutually supportive of each other.

GWUMC was built in the Mid-century Modern style. I personally love modern architecture. It contains strong, striking lines as well as windows that are designed around bringing light into the sanctuary in the best way possible. GWUMC is a great example of Mid-century Modern architecture. It has the iconic A-frame shape. The stained glass windows are blocky and almost abstract, even though there are images contacted in them. Brick and wood are the main building materials.

The church's history goes way back. Greenwood United Methodist church was started in 1849 on the corner of Pearl and Meridian Streets. This current building was built in 1965. The congregation is proud to have an active Mizo (Burmese) population.

The modern stained glass was just redone a few years ago and each window contains strong scriptural themes. They also let beautiful cast light into the sanctuary that created gorgeous textures on the floor. You can see this in the images. The bold colors were a joy to photograph and I'm really pleased with how they show up in the images. I was there in the late morning and I'm hoping to return in the evening sometime to see how the windows look during that time.

A couple musicians were practicing on the organ while I explored the sanctuary which made my time there even better!

I felt very welcomed and asked to come back again to do some future work for them which I am really excited about. I'm really looking forward to seeing this space in different times of day.

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