January 29, 2021

Coming Soon- A Book!

Indy Churches, Old Churches Indy, OCI Book

If you didn't already know, my photographs are to be featured in a book! Here's a quick update.

For the past few months myself and Lee have been making great progress on the book we are working on together. It's really Lee's brainchild and I can assure you, his writing about the history of these churches will be just as beautiful as the churches themselves.

I have been traipsing all over Indianapolis, photographing churches and it's been so rewarding. I've started to form relationships with some of these congregations and I'm so happy when they ask about featuring my photos in newsletters, social media posts, etc. It's been such a great way to explore the city as well, since I'm still not very familiar with it. Each day I have a shoot, I try to make time to find a local coffee shop or cafe to hunker down and work in.

I've photographed a handful of churches and have many handfuls to go. I'm loving this work and it's really feeding the inner architecture nerd in me. I've also learned so much about my personal photography tendencies and skills and how to make them better.

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