April 16, 2022

Old Northside

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Last December I attended a Christmas church tour hosted by Indiana Landmarks and none other than Lee Little of Old Churches Indy. It was a first for the city and a wonderful way to see and learn about some of the churches of the Old Northside neighborhood.

All Saints Episcopal

At All Saints, Lee was in his element showing folks around. The choir was also in the midst of a practice which made for a wonderful and reverent tour experience.

Allen Chapel AME

Allen Chapel was a neat experience for me because unlike a lot of these churches, I had never been inside. The Pastor told us that thanks to Indiana Landmarks, they have been able to maintain the building and preserve its history.

Redeemer Presbyterian

Redeemer was another church I had never been in before. I've driven past it many times and was always drawn to the strong stone exterior.

Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox

Sadly, I didn't get many photos of Joy of All this time around but that's ok- I've photographed this church extensively for my work on Circle City Steeples.

Central Ave. Methodist- Now Indiana Landmarks Center

These are some of my favorite windows in the city. Admittedly, I have many favorites but I love the way the orange light gets broken by the railings and falls onto the floor.

All Souls

I saved my favorite for last. All Souls is no longer a church and has not been used for anything for a while now but it still retains so much beauty. If a space has good light, I love it. This one had incredible light. It's recently been purchased and I'm excited to see what it will be used for.